sleeping cats and prepositions ?

Are you new in the ESL teaching world and you got no idea on how to spice up your classes? Are you asked to give a demo lesson and you have no time to prepare for it? Are you tired of using school things found in the classroom in teaching prepositions to kids ? Sick of: “Where is my bag?”  or “Where is the apple?  These adorable balls of fur will nail it! Or use them for teaching parts of the house or even verbs, for non-beginner students these could serve as  speaking prompts!  You can use PPT in your presentation. That is, if there are available monitors or screens in the classroom  though.

I’m pretty sure you have seen these snapshots elsewhere,since every single one of them came from public domains. Thus,I am indebted to all my unacknowledged ( due to the immensity) sources .

One thing tho, did you know that  cats  sleep for  16 to 18 hours a day ? No wonder they are found anywhere….sleeping!!

Here’s kitty with the red riding….. boots…

Where is the cat? It’s in the bag? Where is the bag? It’s in the home ..O..oh…! It’s with the cat?

What’s the cat doing? It is …..standing!

What can you see in the picture? I can see a one cat!

Hmmm..maybe  he has a better view of the “mouse door” from up there.

They’re not twins, are they?

Here’s the shyest of them all…

Takes it from her dad……so it’s genetic? hmmm

This one plans to conserve energy….washing while taking a bath.

Smart,he found a hammock.

You think this  one’s got suicidal tendencies?

so, the cat and dog feud  is a myth??

This is me in my offline world..just finished chatting with my online buddies.

Hate winter…..bbbbbrrrrr…..but I love this radiator…..puurrrr..

yeah!! I’m taking over the throne!!!

and I’m commissioning my cousin to rule over the sink!

I want an apple; I want a pear; I want to sleep…says meow.

Wake me up on my b-b-q  party,ok?

Enough with : The bird is on the tree….here’s meow on the tree!

yarn…yawn….ball….fur ball

all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…I’m sleeping here, waiting for your call...

No, I’m not sleeping on duty…I’m just tired….

” I could die right here, right now…. at least I would die in your arms.”says the cat to the guitar.

and finally…..they went to bed! slept on the bed…..which reminds me, I haven’t slept yet …I need to sleep too….meow…more meows coming up for sure!!!